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Outstanding SHE Mgmt.

Global Top Tier SHE Management

Safety, health, and environment (SHE) are integral elements of sustainable management. SK Innovation subsidiaries makes strenuous efforts to enhance employees’ physical and mental health by rolling out a range of health care programs. The safety of employees and suppliers is one of our core values pursued across the company and we strive to put in place SHE management systems that meet global standards and minimize safety accidents to zero. We also endeavor to lead resource circulation through aggressive waste recycling at our business sites.

Pursuing Zero Safety Accidents

Achieving the LTIR (Lost Time Incidents Rate) of 0.062

SK Energy puts its best efforts into improving the actual human accident frequency by working on tasks to reduce safety accidents and achieving the LTIR (Lost Time Incidents Rate) of 0.062 at Ulsan CLX as well as at the business sites of its partners.

2025 target

with UN SDGs


LTIR at Ulsan CLX

Achieving the LTIR of 0.062

For Ulsan CLX, including the members and partner companies

Yearly action plans
(Unit: LTIR)
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0.110 LTIR
0.086 LTIR
0.062 LTIR
Implementation strategy
Improvement in the actual frequency of safety accidents by reflecting the achievement of the target LTIR and implementation rate of safety accident reduction tasks in the SHE performance evaluation

Activities for
eradicating serious accidents

Striving for a workplace free of accidents by refining accident prevention tasks and conducting thorough safety management inspections at every stage of work

Innovation for the establishment of
the safety culture

Enhance accident prevention by establishing
management systems and improving procedures