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Talent development

We pursue SUPEX through humanistic management and operate various fostering programs regarding employees’ growth through works, education, and roles to develop them into winning people based on a winning culture, and mental and physical health care programs for employees to build a capacity-raising environment.
“Support the growth of employees”
Growth through work (experience)
Support for self-directed career plans and implementation
Free use and development of necessary expertise through TF, etc
Growth through roles
Participating in preemptive and systematic fostering programs to develop leaders
Support for leadership development and organization development programs
Growth through education
Support for strengthening future required capabilities and common capabilities
Support for mid- to long-term business performance capability development and the reinforcement of expertise (training programs, etc.)
Support for global capability development
Support for a capacity-building environment
Providing mental care for employees (psychology counseling, newcomer counseling, etc.)
Providing physical care for employees (Health training support in the company, etc)