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SK Energy’s diesel has realized a low noise, high power, and improved fuel efficiency of diesel vehicles by enabling perfect combustion through its cleaning features.

Diesel is a petroleum fraction extracted from the boiling range between 200 ℃ and 370 ℃ after kerosene, and it is used as a fuel for diesel engines and other boilers as well as for cleaning machines.

SK Energy Diesel
As a fuel for the diesel engine of automobiles,
SK Energy's diesel maintains an excellent quality level by considering the entire distribution process required for diesel.
Our diesel exhibits excellent ignition capability, crucial for high-revving engines, and can be evenly sprayed in the combustion chamber. It maintains the optimal level of viscosity and lubricity, which are required to prevent abrasion of the fuel spraying pump of an engine. In addition, it also has adequate distillation properties for good combustion and high heat efficiency. It boasts great fluidity and filterability at low temperatures, which is required for starting the engine and driving at low temperatures.