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Brand Slogan

We introduce you to the brand slogans of SK Energy.
Hi innovation

'Introducing "Hi !nnovation," SK Innovation’s brand slogan for
our happy future and a new direction of innovation.

Hi !nnovation is SK Innovation’s new brand slogan that contains our will to redefine the meaning of "innovation" and
overcome the challenges we face to move towards the new future.

Hi !nnovation implies various directions of innovation that SK Innovation pursues in respect of economical and social value,
such as: "High !nnovation" to achieve greater innovation, "Happy !nnonation" for a happier world, "Hi !nnovation" that the
new generation welcomes, and "Human !nnovation" for coexistence with people.

Beyond the
boundaries of
Beyond the
boundaries of
Beyond the
boundaries of
Hi innovation

Meet innovation with no boundary for the
coexistence of people, the new innovation
for a happy future.

Hi !nnovation promotion video

Happy innovation that High innovation creates,
Hi !nnovation that means welcoming innovation (Hi innovation).
Check out the video showing the background and hidden meaning of "Hi !nnovation," the new total sub-brand of SK Innovation.

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