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Introducing you to the CI and BI of SK Energy
Signature combination
  • SK Energy
    SK에너지 국문 로고
    SK에너지 영문 로고 (SK energy)
The logo mark takes into consideration the harmony with "Happy Wing"

The logo mark is designed with consideration given to the formative characteristics of the "Happy Wing.” Using the logo mark solely has the advantage of fewer spatial restrictions and better legibility, but it lacks the symbolism to be used as an identifier representing SK.
Therefore, in principle, when expressed in the media, the logo mark should be used in combination with the "Happy Wing" symbol mark for the effective delivery of the SK identifier.

The formative characteristics of the logo mark 1
SK로고(로고마크의 조형적 특징 1)

The logo mark is designed with a Bliss Bold font.
Bliss Bold is a smooth and curvaceous font having a simple structure with good readability.

The formative characteristics of the logo mark 2
SK로고(로고마크의 조형적 특징 2)

The ends of the "S" and "K" are in curves so that the sense of space between the letters is expressed.
These formative characteristics deliver a gentle and friendly image.

The basic symbol mark "Happy Wing"
기본형 심벌마크 행복 날개

The "Happy Wing" is the element that represents the SK identifier’s formative characteristics and symbolism the best. In order to avoid any image degradation from distortion, modification, and misuse of the identity, the regulations and principles associated with the application of the symbol mark must be adhered to.
The "Happy Wing" is the representation of two soaring wings with the motif of a communication satellite, kite, etc., symbolizing the advancement of energy, chemical and information communication businesses, the two growth axes of SK, and it is the face of SK embodying the enterprising spirit towards the global market and the will of "the pursuit of happiness.”

The formative characteristics of the symbol mark 1
SK심벌마크(심벌마크의 조형적 특징 1)

It expresses a dynamic and enterprising sentiment along with the meaning of soaring.
When using the symbol mark in the identifier, the specified angle on the left (29.4˚) should be followed.

The formative characteristics of the symbol mark 2
SK심벌마크(심벌마크의 조형적 특징 2)

The white line of "Happy Wing" represents the "S" and "K" of SK.
This is for the reinforcement of SK’s identifier, and it should not be misaligned or distorted.