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Outstanding SHE Mgmt.

Global Top Tier SHE Management

Safety, health, and environment (SHE) are integral elements of sustainable management. SK Innovation subsidiaries makes strenuous efforts to enhance employees’ physical and mental health by rolling out a range of health care programs. The safety of employees and suppliers is one of our core values pursued across the company and we strive to put in place SHE management systems that meet global standards and minimize safety accidents to zero. We also endeavor to lead resource circulation through aggressive waste recycling at our business sites.

Recycling Wastes from Business Sites

Recycling over 90% of waste from business sites

SK Energy will secure its position as the leading resource circulation company by further improving the waste recycling ratio, following the global trend of strengthening waste management and raising social awareness.

Goal for 2025

with UN SDGs


Recycling rate of wastes from business sites

Over 90 %

Key action plans

Maintaining the ZWTL certification

Maintain the Zero Waste to Landfill certification by increasing the recycling rate of waste from processes and discovering additional recycling companies.