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Green Innovation

Expansion of Low-carbon Portfolio & Business Model

The world is witnessing a rapid paradigm shift to a low-carbon society.
SK Innovation subsidiaries is one of the prime movers having readily prepared for these developments from early on. Embracing the Carbon to Green transition, the company will make a spurt in creating a low-carbon business portfolio and expanding green business models, thus increasing the shares of products and services creating environmental values. This way, we will continue to grow our corporate value as a Green Energy & Materials Company.

Expanding Environmental Products and Services Creating Social Value (SV)

Social value (SV) of more than KRW 600 billion created by environmental products and services

In the mid-to long-term, SK Innovation subsidiaries aims to create social value through its products and services at an annual growth rate of at least 20%, so that the total social value generated through its products and services will surpass KRW 600 billion by 2025, which is twice as much as the level seen in 2021.

2025 Mid-to-long term Roadmap
Yearly Execution Plan
(Unit: KRW 100 million)