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Winning the Trust

Enhancing Compliance Management

SK Energy is promoting zero-corruption risk initiatives to comply with reinforced legislation around the world that combats corruption and for anti-bribery and to manage social and economic damage and external risks caused by unethical management.

Targeting zero corruption incidents, 100% employee completion of anti-corruption education

SK Energy operates anti-corruption compliance programs based on a “Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)” structure to prevent corruption risks inside and outside the company and thus root out corrupt practices in order to build an anti-corruption compliance system that meets global standards by 2025.

2025 Mid-to-long term Roadmap
Define/Identify potential risks and establish policies based on action plans to prevent risks.
  • Delivering warning messages of “Zero Tolerance Policy” from the management level on a regular basis.
  • Ask for pledging to abide by ethical management including compliance with anti-corruption.
  • Establish channels for whistle-blowing regarding anti corruption issues and preliminary review processes.
  • Implement internal programs to protect whistle-blowers.
  • Provide anti-corruption education programs
    for all employees

  • Monitor corruption risks and the operating status of the anti-corruption compliance programs
  • Improve the compliance program the following year based on the review results