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SK Energy's LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is widely available everywhere,
from homes to restaurants.

LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas. It is made by liquefying hydrocarbon mixture gases (carbon number 4 or below) and can usually be categorized into propane and butane.

SK Energy LPG
SK Energy's LPG is clean and has excellent combustibility.
Category Propane Butane
Usage It is mainly used for heating or cooking at houses or restaurants. It is frequently used for indoor cabinet heaters, automobile fuels, and portable gas ranges.
Evaporation features Since the boiling point of the propane is -42 ℃, it easily evaporates even at a low temperature during winter. Therefore, propane gas used at home can be stored outdoors, even in winter. Since the boiling point of the butane is -0.5℃, it does not easily evaporate at a low temperature. Therefore, butane is suitable for indoor use, such as cabinet heaters, or with devices that forcibly vaporize it, such as automobiles.