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SK Energy’s asphalt is always with you driving on the road.
Conventional asphalt
SK Energy occupies a 35% market share in the South Korean asphalt market based on the company's superior technology.
What is SK Energy’s Conventional asphalt?

Asphalt is commonly divided into two types: natural asphalt and petroleum asphalt. However, because the sources and production of natural asphalt are extremely limited, and its usage is very minimal, the term "asphalt" typically refers to petroleum asphalt.

Type Product name Description
Conventional asphalt AP-5 Performing as a binder to hold aggregates in the asphalt concrete mixtures
AP-1 High-penetration (lower viscosity) asphalt for recycled asphalt concrete mixtures
Premium asphalt Premium AP-5 AP-5 for warm mix asphalt concrete and anti-stripping feature
Premium AP-1 AP-1 for warm mix asphalt concrete and anti-stripping feature
SK Energy is transforming the asphalt market with its innovative and high-quality SBS-modified asphalt, "Superphalt".
What is SK Energy's Superphalt?

Superphalt is the name of the polymer-modified asphalt (PMA) independently developed by SK Energy. It incorporates SBS, a polymer modifier, into the asphalt, forming a network of polymer chains between the asphalt molecules. These chains absorb the loads applied to the pavement. Moreover, it significantly increases the resiliency of the pavement's viscosity and elasticity. With these features, SK Energy's Superphalt extends the lifespan compared to conventional asphalt pavement.

  • Increased elasticity at high temperatures during summer, reducing rutting of asphalt pavement
  • Increased flexibility at low temperatures during winter, reducing cracking
  • Excellent adhesion to aggregates and resistance to water, reducing stripping
  • Inhibiting asphalt aging, reducing cracking
  • Excellent elastic recovery, restoring to its original pavement state
  • Excellent storage stability through the molecular bond between SBS and asphalt
  • Effective in extending pavement life and reducing pavement thickness
Product types and applications
Type Product name Description
General PMA SP 70-2
SP 76-22
SP 76-28
Rutting-resistant and SMA pavement
(PG※※ 70-22, PG 76-22, PG 76-28)
SP 82-22 Rutting-resistant and noise reduction/porous pavement (PG 82-22)
PA-1 noise reduction/porous pavement (PG 82-34)
SP Circuit Speedway pavement(PG 76-28)
SP SAMI High-elasticity pavement for bridge interlayer/Reduction of reflection-cracks (PG 76-34)
SP Mastic Impermeable high-strength pavement (European special specification)
Premium PMA Premium SP 70-22
Premium SP 76-22
Premium SP 76-28
Anti-stripping/recycling features, rutting-resistant, and SMA pavement
(PG 70-22, PG 76-22, PG 76-28)
Premium SP 70-22 W
Premium SP 76-22 W
Premium SP 76-28 W
Premium SP 82-22 W
Premium SP 82-34 W
Anti-stripping and recycling features for hot and warm mix asphalt concrete, rutting-resistant, and SMA pavement
(PG 70-22, PG 76-22, PG 76-28, PG 82-22, PG 82-34)

※) SP: Superphalt / ※※) PG: Performance Grade