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SK Energy's gasoline products have dramatically improved engine protection and
acceleration performance compared to existing ordinary gasoline products.

Gasoline is a volatile liquid petroleum fraction extracted from a boiling range between
30-220°C. It is composed of a mixture of hydrocarbons with carbon numbers between 4 to 12. It is primarily used as fuel for automobiles, light aircraft, or similar spark-ignition internal combustion engines. Gasoline for cars can be categorized into regular gasoline and premium gasoline depending on the octane rating.

SK Energy Gasoline

Clean performance that purifies your engine

SK's advanced gasoline detergent drastically reduces the formation of carbon deposits on the intake valves to keep the engine clean. When used as a cleaning-up additive to remove deposits inside the engine, the detergent improves engine power and fuel efficiency, reduces the amount of harmful exhaust generated, and enhances driving performance.


Comfortable and quieter driving quality

The gasoline detergent added by SK Energy lowers the required octane rating for gasoline engines, thereby preventing the engine knocking associated with an aging vehicle and protecting the engine from damage, which results in enhanced engine output. Moreover, SK's gasoline contains detergent that reduces the octane requirement increase (ORI) of engines. Compared to gasoline without these detergents, it has an octane rating improvement effect, resulting in a smoother and quieter driving experience.

Premium gasoline

With the quality upgraded from regular gasoline,
SK Energy's premium gasoline products improve the vehicle's acceleration performance,
cleanliness, and fuel efficiency, as well as provide engine protection.
SK Energy Premium gasoline

High octane rating (RON)

The octane rating quantifies the degree of knocking resistance, and the octane rating of our premium gasoline is significantly higher than that of regular gasoline, which is between 91 and 94. Boosting the octane rating not only enhances the engine power but also protects the engine, offering improved ride quality with a smoother and quieter experience.

Our premium gasoline is a high-octane rating product that meets the quality standards defined for premium gasoline under the Petroleum and Alternative Fuel Business Act.


Improved acceleration performance

By optimizing factors that affect acceleration performance, the product dramatically improves a vehicle’s instant acceleration, relieving the frustration of your vehicle's slow responsiveness when stepping on the accelerator. Using our premium gasoline, you will clearly feel a difference at the start when the traffic lights change. Using our premium gasoline, you will clearly feel a difference at the start when the traffic lights change.


Improved engine cleanliness and fuel economy

Our premium gasoline, in contrast to conventional Enclean gasoline, incorporates extra cleaning agents, and it keeps the engine clean and boosts fuel efficiency.