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Muffin, SK Energy’s mobility platform
SK Energy's mobility platform, Muffin,
offers a variety of convenience features and benefits to drivers.
SK Energy Muffin

Convenient fueling and car wash

Muffin enhances the driving experience by providing personalized services for customers. It offers fueling options to all types of vehicles, including gasoline, diesel, LPG, and electric vehicles, along with diverse car washing services, such as automatic car wash, hand car wash, and call-out car wash.


Economical car life through membership

The more you use the Muffin services, the more Muffin points you accumulate, along with various discount coupons (car wash, maintenance, car accessories, etc.) provided every month. Muffin ensures an economical car life for customers.


Smart mobility for your daily life

Muffin customers can access information available only on the Muffin app, such as business hours, services provided, discount prices, and additional facilities for SK gas stations/LPG stations and car washes. Muffin provides customers with a smart mobility experience for their daily life.